Blood Flow Moderation

    KAATSU safely reduces venous flow, leading blood to pool in your limbs longer than normal.
  • During KAATSU capillaries lengthen and expand to help improve circulation and vasuclar elasticity

Nitric Oxide Production

  • KAATSU leads to production of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and nitric oxide in the body.
  • Nitric oxide allows blood vessels to constrict and relax, and also regulates the inflammatory cells in the blood vessel walls.

    Lactic acid builds up in the muscle causing the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone
  • Growth hormone is secreted in large amounts activating the body’s metabolism

KAATSU Band Design

KAATSU is generically described by Japanese physicians as Blood Flow Modification. KAATSU is not Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) due to a variety of factors including the specific design and engineering of the KAATSU Air Bands.

The stretchable Bands are designed to reduce venous flow (blood flow back to the torso). The Bands do not occlude arterial flow (blood flow to the limbs). This is very different from blood pressure cuffs that are specifically designed to occlude (cut off) blood flow to the limbs.

The width of the Bands is also much different than a blood pressure cuff (i.e., it avoids arterial flow occlusion). The Bands very importantly allows for ease of movement of the limbs (for walking, running, cycling, calisthenics, physical therapy, swimming, throwing, pulling, pushing or any specific movements required in sports or fitness).

The Bands include baffles and a stretchable air bladder that inflates uniformly and towards the limb, precisely controlled by the KAATSU monitoring units (e.g., KAATSU Master 2.0, KAATSU Nano, KAATSU Wearables).

The Bands can be immediately deflated by either pushing buttons on the monitoring units, depressing the value on the connectors, or releasing the Velcro on the Bands.


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