Kaatsu Master 2.0(new model-limited pieces)

Kaatsu Master 2.0

1x Kaatsu Master 2.0 4x Kaatsu Air Valved Bands 1x Kaatsu Specialist Certification


Kaatsu Nano

Kaatsu Nano package

1x Kaatsu Nano 4x Kaatsu pneumatic airbands (2arms+2legs) 1x Kaatsu Specialist certification


KAATSU SMART BANDS(new model-limited pieces)

Kaatsu Smart Bands

2x Bluetooth Kaatsu air compressors 4x Kaatsu pneumatic airbands


Kaatsu Valved Air Bands (ARMS AND LEGS)

Kaatsu Air Valved Bands

Arms and Legs(2+2)


KAATSU Specialist Certification Program (for an individual)

Massimo MightySat pulse oximeter


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