• Kaatsu is not just a Training.

  • For many people is the only way to change their life. Usually we don’t prefer to be their last chance to get back to a normal lifestyle but at least we know that we can help.

    • Severe Case Of Arthritis:

    My doctors guaranteed that I will do hip replacement….

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    Lilian 65

    • Severe Case of Chrondoitin Knee

    I’m 23 years old and i avoided Knee Surgery. Now I can run 10km…

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    Dimitra 23

    • Chronic Shoulder Tendonitis
  • I couldn’t even walk 50m… was suffering from shoulder pain
  • Hara 65
    • Cancer and lymphatic surgery remove
  • I was unable to exercise after the surgery 7 years
  • R.H. 65
  • Banium Surgery Rehabilitation
    • After 2 months of the surgery still had a lot of pain and didn’t have mobility

    Sia 55

    • Swollen face after nose plastic surgery

    My face was swollen… I applied the bands and…..

    L. 58

    • Last moment Marathon 42km running race
  • I run the marathon 42km with only 4 weeks training program
  • N.M. 43
    • 2nd degree muscle injury and Marathon Race
  • After a car accident 2 weeks before the race I was laid on the bed and couldn’t move..
  • Manos 56
  • Twisted ankle and swollen leg
  • I dropped a table on my leg… didn’t break but it became black and swollen
  • N.M. 43