The following Kaatsu Training reviews are from Kaatsu Specialist UK- Greece as part of services and purchase of equipment.

Our total Clients Describing  Kaatsu and Kaatsu Results with 1 Word:

🔘80%  Miracle

🔘15%  Effective

🔘5%    Super cool

Meni B.47: I could never believe I would be able to have the same body weight as I was on my 27 in less than 40 days! It’s miracle!

Naazi 42: It was the best and fastest way to prepare for my holidays!

Peter 38: In just 8 sessions I was able to win the most difficult opponent in Padel tournament! Unbelievable how fast my endurance and speed increased.

Hannah M.34: I’ve been working out many years but Kaatsu is miracle! It helped me to lose fat so fast and create shapes on my arms that I was never able all these years.

Elham I.35: I love it! After the pregnancy I was never able to lose the extra weight. I was able to lose them with the 12 days Program and I never got them back again!

James G.32: Best exercise ever! Can be done anywhere and I love to travel with my machine.

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Jenny P. 33: Kaatsu is very effective for Weight Loss. It helped me to lose Fat and gave my body shape back in short time!

Lori T. 55: It’s miracle! I’ve been exercising for years and it’s the first time I see results so fast on my body shape and on my performance. It helped me a lot to recover my skin elasticity. With my machine I can exercise anywhere.

Chris K. 48:The best workout ever! Fast, effective whatever I need to keep my muscles and my Body Fat in low level. I’m so happy that I have my own machine and I can exercise anywhere!

Reem H. 63: Very effective! I’m so glad I started to get in shape again. Just in 2 weeks I had improvement as I was in the gym for 1 year! I kept it on my lifestyle as it fits perfectly on me.

Hannie A. 42: Kaatsu is amazing! I’m lazy and I don’t like to exercise. But no matter what you do this thing works. Especially when I saw so fast results, it changed my life!

For many people KAATSU is the only way to change their lives. And we are happy that we know how to help them.

Lilian P. 65- Severe Case of Artthritis

My doctors guaranteed that I will do hip replacement. Once I applied the bands the pain disappeared. I followed a rehabilitation program and avoided the surgery!

Dimitra H. 23 – Severe Case of Chrondoitin Knee

I’m 23 years old and i avoided Knee Surgery. Now I can run 10km and exercise normally!

Hara N. 65-Chronic Shoulder Tendonitis

I couldn’t even walk 50m and carry my bag. I was really suffering from shoulder pain and tried to fix it with all the ways( ultrasound- cryotherapy- acupuncture- manual therapy). With Kaatsu after 2 weeks I completely forgot I had the problem!

R.H. 65-Breast Cancer and lymphatic surgery remove

I was unable to exercise after the surgery 7 years before of the lymphatic drainage that I had every time. Now I can do men’s push ups and I’m so happy I can play Tennis again! Thank you!

Sia N. 55-Banium Surgery Rehabilitation

After 2 months of the surgery still had a lot of pain and didn’t have mobility during walking. On the 5th day of Kaatsu rehabilitation I was able to run! After 6 months I run my first 10km in m life!

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L. T. 58- Swollen face after nose plastic surgery

My face was swollen after a nose surgery. I applied the bands and it reduced by 70% the first day! I’m using it daily for skin recovery as a have seen significant results on skin tightness since I started to use it. It’s miracle the anti-aging effect!

N.M. 43-Last moment Marathon 42km running race

I run the marathon 42km with only 4 weeks training program! The best experience ever in my life to complete a target like that!

Manos G. 56-Car accident and 2nd degree Muscle Injury before Marathon Race

After a car accident 2 weeks before the race I was laid on the bed and couldn’t move. Kaatsu was the reason that I was able to participate on the marathon and achieve a really good performance! Still can’t believe it!

John K- Twisted ankle and swollen leg

I dropped a table on my leg… didn’t break but it became black and swollen. The Next day I couldn’t walk. The same day I did Kaatsu Cycle and after 20 min I run 5km. Miraculous mechanism!


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